What to Expect

When you give me a call, or send me an email, the first thing I’m going to want to do is set up a “pre-shoot” meeting. This gives us a chance to get to know each other a little bit before the camera comes out, and to discuss your expectations, desired location, dress, etc. I would also like to meet with you sometime after the photoshoot to view the images and discuss printing options. Of course these issues can also be addressed over the phone or through email.



The “who” could be you! Portraits of individuals are the simplest and generally take the least amount of time. An individual portrait should take between 30-60 minutes, although I do love to take pictures and often keep shooting until the client decides they need to leave! Groups of people take longer and tend to be more involved. For instance, while some families may just want a quick family portrait for a Christmas card, others enjoy the opportunity to get additional individual portraits, portraits of just the kids, parents, etc. The longest photoshoots are for newborn babies. I recommend setting aside a few hours for newborns, to accomodate feeding, changing, napping, waking up, and whatever else might occur.



On the day of the photoshoot I generally try and arrive early to scout the location (if new to me) and set up my equipment (if necessary). It is best if you can also arrive early, so you can make any last-minute adjustments to hair, clothing, etc, and feel relaxed and ready once the camera is on.  You may wish to bring props for the pictures — this can be especially helpful for small children. Snacks, hairbrushes, lipstick, spare clothing may also be helpful items to bring.
A photoshoot usually involves a variety of different poses, groupings, and locations. Feel free to share your own ideas and inject your own personality into the process. With digital SLRs it is easy to view the images in “real time” so you know what we’re getting. My goal is for you to enjoy the process and the end results!
After the photoshoot I will pre-edit a selection of images for viewing, typically at least 20-30. I use Lightroom for the initial post-processing, to adjust lighting, coloring, etc. After you get a chance to view the images (either in person or online) you can choose from an almost unlimited range of print products to purchase. I do my own printing (up to ~16×20) and I use a professional printing lab for albums, special print materials, and everything else. Images for purchase will be further edited in Photoshop if necessary, such as smoothing facial features, removing unwanted objects from the background, etc.



Portraits can take place at any time during the day. The best times are when you are available, relaxed, and happy :)   Lighting can be a concern, depending on the location. The evening sun, an hour or two before it sets, provides wonderful lighting for outdoor portraits, but it is possible to find great lighting at other times as well. Rain is of course a problem for outdoor photoshoots, and could cause us to shift indoors or to reschedule.



I’m an “on location” photographer, which means I come to you. The photoshoot can take place in your home, your backyard, a park near where you live, or some other place that is unique and special to you. I have backdrops and equipment for indoor shooting, and of course here in beautiful California there are all sorts of excellent outdoor locations to choose from. Portraits are primarily about people, but my preference is to have a background that expresses something about the people in the portraits.



To celebrate the joyful moments in your life! Maybe to commemorate a special occasion, or to provide a record of events or changes over time. Perhaps as a gift for someone else.
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