Memories can be fleeting. But a picture can bring back those important moments, even many years later. Is there something in your life right now that you will want to remember in the years to come? A portrait of what your family looks like in the year 2011? A special birthday or anniversary coming up?

If you have children, you know how fast things change. I have two, ages 4 and 6. Every few months my wife and I say the same thing: “they’re getting so old!” We look back over the pictures we’ve taken as they’ve grown up and marvel at the changes.

I want to help you record these moments of your life. As a professional photographer I can provide you with stylish, intimate portraits of you or your family — images you can be proud to hang on your wall, or a photo album you can show to your friends.

My specialty is on location family portraiture and event photography. Taking pictures in your home, or a nearby park, is convenient and comfortable. I prefer images of people in their own environment, revealing their natural personality and “look.” I also have a portable “studio,” including backdrops and lighting, for more formal portraits.

As an event photographer I combine portraiture with exciting candids. Whether it is a wedding, or birthday party, or company picnic, it is always fun to see people in action. A candid photograph can often capture part of a person’s personality they would be reluctant to reveal in a more “posed” manner. And of course there are always those moments at a party that can’t be staged, that will bring laughter or tears every time you look at the picture later.

Please take a look at my picture galleries. If you like what you see, give me a call or send me an email. I became a professional photographer because I love taking pictures, and I hope to have the opportunity to take your picture soon!

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